What Happened in Copenhagen?

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Original thread by ann (@luvlouaylor)

tw // shooting , death

what happened today in copenhagen ; a thread

What Happened in Copenhagen?

just a few hours ago a shooting happened in a mall in copenhagen in denmark. it is thought to be a terrorist attack. next to it there is an arena where today the should be a concert. 1/?

there’s very little information about this, but what we know is that the police has arrived to where it happened and there has been one arrest. we also know there have been a few deaths. i will update this thread when more information will be released. 2/?


@luvlouaylor my experience : i was in the mall Fields where it happened. i was in line for the toilets which was really long due to the concert at the arena nearby. suddenly everyone started running so me and my friend did too. then just as we were at the exit we heard two loud shots

— QRT https://twitter.com/otbordersz/status/1543655298841329667?t=KIS7oKjJMhqQJbAJ3uD6xA&s=19

@luvlouaylor and a lot of people panicced. we ran away and accross the street and towards the arena. when we got there the police said everyone had to get inside as fast as possible to be safe

— QRT https://twitter.com/otbordersz/status/1543655705307189250?t=KIS7oKjJMhqQJbAJ3uD6xA&s=19

sophie hæstorp andersen, lord mayor of copenhagen municipality said this

according to a spokeman of the largest hospital of denmark at least three people have been hospitalized.

@hsrockrry is tweeting about what is happening at the concert. it has been canceled and police is taking them to a train station. (i will add to this thread the information they tweet)

the suspect in custody was a 22 year old danish man

@luvlouaylor I was in flying tiger when it happened. We all heard shooting, and people started running to the back of the shop and yelling that we should get down. A worker opened the back door to a stock and we all just ran inside. The shooting was still happening when we got inside, so (1)

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@luvlouaylor we all just stayed quiet and waited for a long time. Then the police came in full amour, with guns, and told us to follow them. So we ran in a long line of people to the outside place, but we saw a lot of blood on the way. I have never been so terrified in my life :((

— QRT https://twitter.com/aleustri/status/1543688037548310529?t=W_X5Ui509RsEf7DXL4Uk2w&s=19

if anyone finds any information about this, reply to the tweet and I’ll add it to the thread xx and to anyone that was there, i hope you are all safe now

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while we wait for more information to be released, police is still in the area of the shooting and they are working on getting an overview

where field’s mall is:

an eyewitness told bbc news “people first thought it was a thief, then I suddenly hear shots and threw myself behind the counter inside the store, he was just shooting into the crowd, not up in ceiling or into the floor,”


the hospital’s spokesman said they had been calling in extra staff, including surgeons and nurses

tv2 released pictures of the gunman




in this article there’s a video of witnesses exiting the mall

tw // violence

video of the shooter running after two people in the mall



tw // violence

video of the shooter running after two people in the mall



tw // shooting , violence

this video is hard to watch, if you are sensible, don’t watch it.




tw // shooting

another one

the man getting arrested

harry styles, british male singer, was supposed to have a concert in the arena next to the mall. he tweeted showing his support to the people affected by this shooting. many of the people in the mall were getting stuff before the concert.

I’m heartbroken along with the people of Copenhagen. I adore this city. The people are so warm and full of love.

I’m devastated for the victims, their families, and everyone hurting.

I’m sorry we couldn’t be together. Please look after each other. H

— QRT https://twitter.com/Harry_Styles/status/1543726272303472657?t=G0Wk8Z5otpmWHqdQGfdjhw&s=19

mette frederiksen, denmark’s prime minister, also shows support by saying that she wants to encourage danes to stand together and support each other. she sends her deepest sympathy to those who have lost their loved ones.

the copenhagen police chief said that the man has been charged and will face questioning by a judge on monday. (from bbc news)

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it has been confirmed by the police that three people are in a critical condition and other three were killed

my heart goes to ALL the people affected, that lost their loved ones or that have them in the hospital xx

the danish royal family released a statement in which they pay respect to the families of the victims and they say “we do not yet know the full extent of the tragedy, but it is already clear that more people have lost their lives and that even more have been injured”

the police says that there is no sign of an attack of terror.

the three victims that lost their lives have been identified as two danish 17 year olds and a 47 year old russian citizen that lived in denmark.

the people severely injured are now four: two danish women of the age 19 and 40, the other two are swedish citizens, a 50 year old man and a 16 year old girl. (three of them in the same hospital and the other in another one)

one of the people in the hospital remains in a critical condition.

the police said they’re investigating the videos of a man posing with weapons.

the reason why the police are not thinking it might be a terrorist attack is because the shooter has a history of psychiatric problems

a list with where to get help for the people that were affected

Hvis du er påvirket af skyderiet i Fields i går aftes, kan du få hjælp flere steder. Du kan finde en liste over steder og telefonnumre, hvor du kan få hjælp, støtte og rådgivning på vedhæftede link #politidk

— QRT https://twitter.com/KobenhavnPoliti/status/1543929563553665024?t=ZNn_pNr_dN5Ks6RN93Od_w&s=19

The man is charged with manslaughter, attempted manslaughter and violation of the Penal Code section 192 a.

The accused has blonde hair. During the constitutional hearing, he was wearing a blue t-shirt.If you have seen anything or have a video, contact the Copenhagen Police on telephone 114. The same applies to shops with video surveillance in Field’s.

If you have seen anything or have a video, contact the Copenhagen Police on telephone 114. The same applies to shops with video surveillance in Field’s.

Visitors to Field’s can also contact the Capital Region of Denmark on telephone 1813 to get professional crisis help. An emergency telephone number has also been set up: 38643736.

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the number is +4538643736 if you’re using a phone from another country

i just wanted to thank all the people that are sending me info about this through dms <3

a 13-year-old harry styles fan said she escaped from the fields shopping centre by climbing onto a roof with her grandmother.
“When we saw people running out of the cinema, at first I didn’t think it was anything serious, until I heard people say somebody were shooting.”++

+ “I didn’t really know where to exit since I don’t know the mall that well, so I just followed a big group going to some type of rooftop, and luckily we found an emergency exit,”

there will be a press conference

Kl. 16 vil politiinspektør Dannie Rise holde en kort pressebriefing foran Teglholm Allé 1-3. Her vil han give seneste nyt om efterforskningen af søndagens skyderi i Field’s #politidk

— QRT https://twitter.com/KobenhavnPoliti/status/1543943173545795590?t=Up58NyXMYmFZsg9RAQzSkA&s=19

another number for anyone affected that needs to talk to a specialist about it (thank you @hsrockrry for sending this to me <3)

denmark’s neighbor country, norway, shows support after yesterday’s events. just a week ago norway also experienced a shooting in oslo in an lgbtq+ pub where 2 people were killed, 21 people got injured and 10 of them were in severe condition. +

+ the norwegian prime minister says “There is still a lot we don’t know about why the perpetrators in Oslo and Copenhagen committed the terrible acts, but regardless of the motive and background, our answer must be clear: we stand together in the face of violence and hatred.+

+ We are strengthened in our faith in community and love.”

Dannuie Rise, police inspector from the Copenhagen Police, says that 10 have been shot at.
– Out of the ten are six women and four men. Six of them are Danish citizens, while two are Swedish, says Dannie Ris.

— QRT https://twitter.com/hsrockrry/status/1543960234158432256?t=BRNbdP_EEBCZkkFN4X2cRQ&s=19

In addition to the 10, there are another 20 who have suffered fall injuries or the like during the escape from Field’s.

— QRT https://twitter.com/hsrockrry/status/1543960330606444548?t=BRNbdP_EEBCZkkFN4X2cRQ&s=19

the shooter has schizophrenia and the state and psychiatric ward refused to give him new medicine when he went and told them the medicine he received wasn’t working

A person closely related to the 22-year-old suspected murderer of Field’s had access to weapons.

— QRT https://twitter.com/hsrockrry/status/1544366123809996800?t=6GulMc3k-9XzmESEwXbHow&s=19

what happened in copenhagen on sunday (03.07.2022) and what we know
i’ll continue to update this thread

— QRT https://twitter.com/hsrockrry/status/1544372185904603137?t=VFC2ou62rXCNYHGIg2LkNg&s=19

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