Template Kalimat Untuk Menambahkan Koneksi Di Linkedin

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Original thread by Mas2 HRD yang demen Muse (@ezash)

Berikut adalah thread template2 kalimat yg bisa kalian pakai di notes ketika ingin menambahkan koneksi di Linkedin yg menjadi figur inspirasi kalian atau ketika ingin approach Recruiter

Boleh RT dan save tweet ini, lezgo! ?

-A thread-

Kalo kamu pengen ngeadd orang yg jadi inspirasi kamu di Linkedin:

“Hi, (name) ,
I’ve noticed your presence here on LinkedIn, and I’m so impressed by your work! I’d like to connect with you on LinkedIn.

Thank you!”

Kalo kamu pengen ngeadd orang buat networking di ranah/field karir kamu:

“Hi (name), hope you are doing well!

My name is (your name) and currently in building connections with others to build my professional network, hopefully I can connect with you. Thank you!”

Kalo kamu FreshGrad dan mau approach HR/Recruiter:

“Hi (name), I’m … and I am a graduate student from (campus)

I am interested in the early career positions in (company). I received (achievement) in 2022 and I believed that would be a value for this position. Thanks”

Kalo dah pengalaman dan lagi cari2 kerja mau approach:

“Hi (name),

Nice to e-meet you, I’m Interested in the role of (positions), I have experience in (your expertise based on the role). I could manage (skills). I would like to know more regarding this opportunity. Thank You”

Kalo kamu FG dan mau cari koneksi yg sejurusan sama kamu:

“Hi (name),
My name is (…) as a fresh graduate majoring in (major). I have experience in (…) and I’d love to connect you for my professional field on LinkedIn.
Stay safe and healthy, thank you

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Another cold messaging template:

@ezash “Hi, (Insert Name)!

Hope this message finds you well

I came across your profile and just found out that you recently posted a vacancy from (Insert Company) as (Insert Position). I believe my background suits it really well, and I would like to explore more with you.


— QRT https://twitter.com/mamitigakucing/status/1579360460096557057?s=20&t=5JOm5o6sFTIEJE2c6BzYyg

My bad, thanks kak @sisthaaaaa buat koreksinya!

@ezash Izin koreksi ya mas Eza ??
Graduate student = mahasiswa pascasarjana. Kalau maksudnya “lulusan/alumni”, bisa pakai “I’m a (nama universitas) graduate.”

— QRT https://twitter.com/sisthaaaaa/status/1579361722078736384?s=20&t=5JOm5o6sFTIEJE2c6BzYyg

Tips lain dari mas @vicarioreinaldo

@ezash Kalo kamu mau bangun hubungan tapi bingung cara add valuenya gimana

Hi (name), happy to connect on LinkedIn!

I saw your post about [a topic]. I have an interest in that topic as well. I personally love this website [a link]. Sharing it with you since it might be useful for you

— QRT https://twitter.com/vicarioreinaldo/status/1579368157621669890?s=20&t=iFWDQoABafxQOudg_rg7dw

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