Painful Make-up Prosthetics Actors Where Forced to Wear

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Painful Make-up prosthetics Actors where forced to wear

Painful Make-up Prosthetics Actors Where Forced to Wear


The body painting and scale application would take between six and eight hours, making mobility so difficult. At one point, the actress had to straddle a unicycle to finish the look. he process soon took only three hours to apply for future films

2. ANYA CHALOTRA in The Witcher

Anya had to wear prosthetics to create her crooked posture, which placed a strain on her back. Fortunately, she was able to channel the pain into her acting.

3. ANNE HATHAWAY in The witches

The process to get Hathaway ready for one of the looks without major prosthetics took approximately two hours, extending to a four-hour process when prosthetics were needed. After some weeks, the team now got used to three-and-a-half hours.

4. ANGELINA JOLIE in Maleficent

Transforming the actress into Maleficent took three hours in application time and one hour for removal. Despite the extreme discomfort, Jolie used this to her performance’s advantage to further embody her character

5. PAUL BETTANY in Wandavision

It took over 2 hours to gradually turn Bettany into vision. Initially, the most difficult part of crafting Vision’s makeup was determining his skin’s exact hue.

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6. RYAN REYNOLDS in Deadpool

As Wade’s skin is quite disfigured following his cancer recovery, the latest scar makeup takes a staggering eight hours to apply. The makeup resulted in Reynolds being unable to sit or walk in between takes.

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7. JOHN RHYS-DAVIES in The Lord of the Rings

Turning the 6’1” actor into Gimli regularly took three hours, but Rhys-Davies also suffered an allergic reaction to the make-up, causing his face to swell.


The young actor wore full silicone head, neck and face prosthetics with individually punched eyebrow hairs. “Underneath the wig, Jacob wore a skullcap made of carbon fiber, which contained a mechanism to pull his lower eyelids down.

9. KAE ALEXANDER in Game of Thrones

Alexander has prosthetics glued onto her entire body in addition to hours of hair and make-up. She endures a 10-hour hair, make-up, and prosthetic process to get transformed.

10. KAREN GILLAN in Guardians of The Galaxy

It took approximately four hours and 15 minutes to apply her make-up and another 30 minutes to remove. Gillan’s character also required 22 millimeter contact lenses.

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