Let’s Become A Better Note-Taker To Improve Your Writing

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If you want to improve your writing, start by becoming a better note-taker. Here are 10 ways to do that: 1. Save only the best notes: Don’t hoard information. Save your top 5-10% of ideas only. That way, you can trust that everything in your note-taking system is high-quality.

2. Create evergreen notes. Like a good investment, the benefits of your note-taking system should compound in value. Save ideas that will stay relevant for many years. Read the classics, skip the news. Note-by-note, brick-by-brick you’ll build an intellectual Coliseum.

6. Link notes together.

Organize your ideas by topic, not by source. As you browse your note-taking system, consider the serendipity you want to create for your future self. For example, if you read two books about a topic, link those notes together. 5. Build a Shared Knowledge Base We keep all of our Standard Operating Procedures in @NotionHQ. We get everything in detailed writing whenever we meet, so we can trust a central source of truth in the future. Long-term, we save ourselves time and eliminate confusion.


3. Publish regularly. Writing more is the fastest way to improve your note-taking system. Without the pressure to produce, your system will become messy. The pressure to produce will turn your note-taking system into an extension of your mind. 9. Writing online will accelerate your learning. Don’t wait until you’re an expert to write online. Writing online will force you to learn as much as you can and distill your best ideas for public consumption. And as you write online, you’ll build authority in your niche.https://twitter.com/david_perell/status/1242544793651036160?s=20

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