How Messi used Georgina to plan Cristiano Ronaldo’s downfall

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How Argentina and Messi used Georgina Rodriguez to plan Cristiano Ronaldo’s downfall

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How Messi used Georgina to plan Cristiano Ronaldo’s downfall

In 2014, Georgina Rodriguez started a fresh job at Gucci, the company which had been sponsoring Messi since 2012. Georgina was unknown and had no big CV before this, so it’s a little weird that she had managed to get a job in such a big institution.

Ronaldo met Georgina at a Gucci store in 2016. The thing to wonder about is Georgina got a transfer from the store in Valencia to the store in Madrid just a month before they met. She had worked in Valencia for 2 YEARS before she shifted and she immediately meets Ronaldo.

The plan had begun the moment she met Ronaldo. They started dating and going out to eat. This is an instance where he tries to feed him unhealthy food to mess up his 22 year old physique.

She keeps distracting him from football. Ronaldo even said in an interview recently that he slept in different rooms the night before matchdays so that he could sleep peacefully. He had even said this, which worries me. She started brainwashing and diverting him from football.

She then started to keep him hungry and not feed him for so many days from 2019-2020. That’s the reason for his sudden “decline” in speed and running. You can clearly see he needs help and is so hungry in the photo. Yet she is standing there, laughing.

She comments under Messi photos multiple times. Even though she knows how much Cristiano dislikes it. She does not stop.

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Once again.

Messi paid professional dancers to dance with Ronaldo and make him jealous, trying to ruin his personal life, which affected his performances on the field.

This photo is from 2020, where she tried to give Ronaldo the virus, which would eventually ruin his lungs and ruin his entire career. She didn’t even wear a mask before coming near such a personality. Can you imagine?

She constantly kept making posts about her visit to Las Vegas, a place in which Ronaldo has a rough history in. This was clearly an attempt to trigger his PTSD. She knows he can’t go there due to some footballing reasons.

The planning for the 2022 World Cup started in 2016 itself, from when Georgina took private jets to Portugal every month or the other, degrading the air quality index and making it unable for the growing footballers to reach their potential and they damaged their lungs.

You can see how it gets worse overtime. The first photo is from 2016, all the way to 2020.

Did you notice Ronaldo only started wearing glasses once Georgina entered his life? She ruined his vision, deteriorating his playmaking qualities significantly over the years.

She instilled anti-national qualities within him, which made it impossible for him to give 100% for Portugal, his own country.




Now let’s get to the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

Georgina trimmed Ronaldo’s hair a week before the World Cup started. He had “missed” his header just by a few centimeters from that Bruno cross. If you join the dots, you can easily see the plan. Just look at the evil smile on her face.

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Georgina (an Argentine) was sponsored by Luis Vuitton in 2022. Concidentally, this was the same case used for the World Cup trophy. Can this really be a coincidence, or is it a hint?

When Ronaldo was going through a bad phase of his career, when the useless manager Ten Hag was “benching” him, she used to upload stories of her sitting on the bench. Another attempt to mock Cristiano and play with his mental health.

Cristiano revealed in his recent interview with Piers Morgan that he was allergic to soy beans. After a week, Georgina released her documentary called “Soy Georgina”.

When Ronaldo was getting fouled here and there by Moroccan defenders, she cared about her hair more. Can you even imagine what he has been going through for so many years. She is so toxic.



She even went this far and turned him into a genie, which is the reason he has been “invisible” on the field lately.

When Messi won his 7th Ballon D’or, Georgina put 7 candles on his birthday cake, giving us a hint about it was her behind it all and mocking Ronaldo. Poor Ronaldo couldn’t even notice.

That’s not all, she recently posted a picture making a sign saying “2” with her hands. This is also the amount of club goals Ronaldo has this season. Can this really be a coincidence? I don’t think so. She is clearly mocking Ronaldo here.

So guys I hope you understand the whole Georgina scandal and how much of a self obsessed person Messi is that he had to send a woman to ruin Ronaldo’s career and game.

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