For All Startups And Indie Hackers That Will Be Destroyed By This?

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Original thread by Arjuna Sky Kok (?, ?) (@arjunaskykok)

?? for all startups and indie hackers that will be destroyed by ?.


For All Startups And Indie Hackers That Will Be Destroyed By This?

ClipDrop, PhotoRoom, and other background remover apps.

All “buy now pay later” startups.

All password sharing websites.

Session, and other focus apps.

@philipyoungg, are you worried? ?

Email productivity app developers should be worried?

Photo discovery apps like Galleri5.

Apple is going to eat Dropbox’s lunch? Holy…

Whoah…… all collaboration app devs are sweating.

Bookmark sharing apps, like Pincone, TeamSync Bookmarks.

Text-from-image reader apps. There are some apps like this on App Store. Forgot the names.

Zoom offers this feature. But there are other apps that extract text from video.

Dictation apps. I would be nervous if I was the devs.

Is ? too powerful?

Hmmm… ?

EpocCam should be worried.

This meme is very apt.

Drew Houston (the founder of Dropbox): “Yes, Steve Jobs called Dropbox a feature.”

I guess, most of startups and products built by indie hackers are just features for ?.


Another meme.

Tim Cook takes no prisoners.

Not only small startups and indie hackers. Google should be worried as hell.

Apple is a Titan.


Someone told me that I wrote a fearmongering thread about this move by Apple.

The thing is Apple sometimes steps on 3rd party developers (accidentally or not).

One needs to be agile. This tweet is a caution for all of us.

There is a term: sherlocked.

Of course, just because Apple released a similar app, it doesn’t mean you couldn’t succeed.

Baca Juga  Tools dari Google yang Mungkin Bisa Membantu Kegiatan Kita

Someone became a billionaire by building Calendly, a calendar app to manage scheduling.

Awotona is one of just two Black tech billionaires in the United States, along with David Steward (Founder of World Wide Technology) || Nigeria-Born Tope Awotona Poured His Life Savings Into Calendly. Now He’s One Of America’s Wealthiest Immigrants


How do you expect Kredivo or Klarna compete with Apple?

Apple can offer loan (buy now pay later) with no interest. Apple got lots of cash. Startups like Kredivo or Klarna need to get money from lenders.

I don’t think Kredivo or Klarna could offer loans with no interest.

A sequel:

I was exaggerating the threats from ? in this thread. ?

Some startup I’ve mentioned will be just fine because…


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