Benefit of Storytelling: The Most Profitable Skill in 2022

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The most profitable skill in 2022:


But sadly schools never even taught us the basic of it

Today we’ll run through 7 frameworks, let’s dive in:

1. This is the situation

Every story begins with the idea that change is coming.

You begin by outlining life before your product/services.

Reliability is the key. Your reader should see themselves.

2. Here’s the Problem

People don’t care unless you give them a reason to. and you convey through emotions.

If your reader doesn’t understand your suffering, they won’t care enough to make a purchase.

Ask yourself a question often to extent your questions. Why should they care?

3. Here’s why it was hard to Solve

A common mistake in storytelling is oversimplifying the issue.

Here is no need to purchase if it appears to be an easy remedy.

Describe how difficult the struggle is (in a way your customer understands). The aim.

Creating a perfect selling Environment. You want your reader to connect with you deeply.

Everyone is looking for a way to avoid pain and achieve pleasure.

If you can state the problem, you can sell the solution.

4. Here’s the Solution

Now is the perfect time to introduce your product. But don’t dive in for a sale straight away.

Prior to stating the price, it is your responsibility to establish the perceived value.

You accomplish this by outlining the effect.

5. Here’s how it makes your Life Easy

A golden rule of copywriting:

-Never assume that the reader understands what you mean.
-If you’ve described how the problem makes life difficult.
-go on to describe how your product makes it easy.

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This is a before & after bridge.

6. Here’re the Results

People don’t care about your product. What’s in it for them matter the most.

Explain the benefits, not features.

Describe how your product changes your life, and they’ll believe it can change theirs too.

7. Here’s How You Can Get It Too

By now you don’t need to persuade your reader why they should buy from you, all you need to do is explain how.

A bonus point is build scarcity and urgency as part of the story. This way, you’re not being pushy.

You’re basically informing them.

This framework works for both long stories and short stories.

But it will never work if you overlook the facts – that you are not the hero of the story.

Your audience is. Help them win theirs and you’ll have no problem selling with storytelling.

Storytelling Framework

Use this storytelling framework

  1. This was the situation
  2. Here’s the problem
  3. Here’s why it was hard to solve
  4. Here’s our solution
  5. Here’s how it makes life easy
  6. Here’re the results
  7. Here’s how you can get it too

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