8 Youtube Channels That Will Make You More Intelligent

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Original thread by Blake Burge ? (@blakeaburge)

Over 720,000 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube every day.

Most of which, is a waste of time.

Here are 8 YouTube channels that will make you more intelligent––not less: ?

User: @tweetsauce

Description: “Videos that feed the curious & illuminate the amazing.”

Since 2010 Michael Stevens has been creating videos on topics such as mathematics, philosophy, & science.

17.3M subs later, he still releases new videos every week!

User: @minutephysics

Description: “Cool science videos! Trying to get people excited about learnin’ “

Quick videos, explaining complex topics, in a simple manner. I love it.

User: @smartereveryday

Description: “I explore the world using science. That’s pretty much all there is to it.”

Created by an Engineer named Destin, he only has 1 simple request.

“Watch 2 Videos, if you learn something awesome, please subscribe.”

User: @Seeker

Description: “Seeker empowers the curious to understand the science shaping our world.”

Pretty cool video here on a research station built to simulate what it would be like to live on Mars. @elonmusk might want to check this one out…

User: @numberphile

Description: “Videos about numbers and mathematics by Brady Haran since 2011.”

Math + Science + Cool Videos

What’s not to like?

User: @bigthink

Description: “Get smarter, faster, with the world’s greatest minds.”

Daily videos from some of the leading thinkers on the planet:

Featuring: @neiltyson, @BillAckman, @richardbranson & more.

User: @okaytobesmart

Description: “A show about our curious universe and the science that makes it tick.”

Dr. Joe Hanson provides the answer to questions like:

Baca Juga  Rekomendasi Channel YouTube Buat Belajar Coding Pemula

• Why haven’t we found aliens?
• Why are the stars disappearing?

User: @TodayIFoundOut1

Description: “Brain food for hungry minds.”

How can you not love a channel that has a playlist simply titled “Badasses”

Check out this one about the time Annie Oakley offered to build an all-female team of snipers!

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